Meditation for Mindfulness has so many beneficial ways to calm and improve our lives.

Some of the primary areas it is said to be of benefit are listed below:

  • Meditation reduces stress.

  • It improves concentration.

  • It encourages a healthy lifestyle.

  • The practice increases self-awareness.

  • It increases simple happiness.

  • Meditation increases self acceptance.

  • It assists in slowing the aging process.

  • The practice benefits cardiovascular and immune health.

I conduct group sessions ​online at the moment.

These sessions are geared for YOU and it's your Very Special Time to reconnect with yourself.

Each session will bring something new and unique to you.

Group sessions are $15 per person.

Light Refreshments Provided.

You may need to bring a cushion and blankie with you for comfort.

Remember to dress for comfort and bring your water bottle with you.

Blessings and Big Huggles