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Getting in Touch with the Psychic You

Many of you have wanted to have instruction in Psychic Development, and I have conducted many classes over the years. During our COVID pandemic, I have been unable to conduct these specialist classes, as I prefer to work directly one on one with my students, online just isn't an option to give proper beneficial support. So I hope this little blog will assist you in starting your journey safely and gently.

Here you can explore what psychic ability means to you and what psychic information is coming in for you. Trusting your Inner Voice your Guardian Angels.

  1. Journal - Reviewing your life, do you remember times you felt a strong inner guidance or intuition?

  • Recall times when you followed your inner guidance or urging. What was the result?

  • Do you recall any times when you felt inner guidance and did not follow this inner voice?

  • How does your inner guidance manifest in your experience? Do you see pictures, have thought that feel like they are coming from a deep place within, just have a "knowing" about something?

Journal about how your inner guidance shows up in your life.

2. What are some of your thoughts and feelings about the word 'Psychic'?

  • What are your positive beliefs about being psychic?

  • What are some of your negative beliefs?

Journal about both positive and negatives

3. Close your eyes and sit quietly for a few minutes. Notice your breathing going in and out. Just 'be'.... Try this a few times a day. At the end of these few minutes, ask to be open to divine guidance. Or use any kind of terminology you feel might help open you up a little bit. Ask for inner wisdom,, for your higher self to come in. Then just let it go for now.

I have listed a couple of key books you can buy on Amazon, that helped me on my life journey, that may help you with your journey towards self empowerment and trust in your intuition.

Blessings and Big Huggles xxx Monica

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