Readings with Monica - Intuitive Psychic Readings and Energy Balancing (Reiki) - Confidentiality Guaranteed

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Hi Earth Angels!

UPDATE 5/7/2019

Well it's the end of the financial year, and all those stressful pressing things that have to be done when running a small business have to be addressed. LOL!

Great news though, as not only am I conducting my services from Millgrove in my home studio, but I have secured the opportunity to set up Readings in Frankston at The Little Candle Shoppe!!!

So Saturday to Tuesday - I'm in Millgrove

and Wednesday to Thursday - I'm in Frankston!

There has been a slight fee increase in line with industry standards as well as living expenses; however many of you know that I prefer you to book your Very Special Time with me only once or twice a year.  Most of you also know I give ongoing support online for free in between sessions, so you actually do get a bit of 'bang for your buck' regardless x

As many of your are about an hour away from my home studio, please know that I do skype, phone, video messenger and email readings as well <3  Come up for a day out with the girls/boys, Warburton and Yarra Junction have some amazing offerings, and being only 1hr from Melbourne and Cranbourne, the air alone will benefit your general health and wellbeing x

My website is a guide to what I do, as well as links to pages and articles to help you become more informed when it comes to choosing your Very Special Time with a Psychic, Medium, or Practitioner.  (to come later in February) Yes my site is currently under revision this month, so not everything is going to 'gel' for the next few days/hours. Yes there are many Light-workers around these days, and each and every one of us have something unique and different to bring to the table when in consultation with you.  Trust yourself when choosing your practitioner.

In the meantime, please have fun exploring my site and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  My Facebook page has all current information, reviews and other information you may be looking for,

Blessings and Big Huggles